🥵 I know it feels overwhelming, you aren’t sure if you have the knowledge or the patience, and you still have your own career to balance. I get it!

📝 I’ve been homeschooling my 5 kids for 16 YEARS while running multiple businesses. 

✨ There’s a way to not only make it work, but also to thrive and give your kids an opportunity for great happiness and success!

homeschooling mom,

Hi, I’m Robyn! A Nomad, an Adventurer, and Most Importantly, a Mom.

Many of you may know me from nomadswithpurpose.com, our adventure travel blog where we inspire people to defy the norm and brave for adventure. 5 years ago my husband and I decided to move int our 30 foot RV with 5 kids so we could live our life to the fullest and the rest is history.

Even before becoming a full-time RV living family, I have always homeschooled my kids. I've been homeschooling my 5 kids for 16 years! I've finished schooling my 2 oldest kids for their entire K-12 years, currently run a business with one of them, and still roadschool an elementary schooler, a middle schooler, and a high schooler.

I have homeschooled my kids in many different fashions from traditional homeschooling to roadchooling and world schooling, to unschooling, and to raising entrepreneurs; and while I don't think there is any one right way to do it, I can help you figure out which is the best way for YOU. I'm believe that any form of homeschooling will manifest a more advanced education in your kids too.

In this course you won't just learn my methods, I will teach you exactly how to implement these methods into your homeschooling routine to manifest a happy and successful homeschooling experience for you and your kids no matter their grade.


In this course, you'll learn all about these 9 topics in simple 30 minute video lectures.

Setting an intention for your child's success

rv homeschooling

Create a school schedule that works

How to choose the right curriculum

Making school fun and entertaining

Teach your kids to be self driven + self accountable

Learn how to teach math to kids ages 8-13

Finding your child’s creative outlet

teens homeschoolings

Expanding your kids social skills

Raising entrepreneurs

Why homeschooling could be the best decisions you've ever made...